Travel Clinic

The last thing you need to worry about while traveling abroad is your health. That’s why we offer comprehensive travel services for tourists and business travelers going overseas.

Our Services Include:

  • Travel antibiotics
  • Pre-travel consultation
  • Travel immunizations for yellow fever, malaria, hepatitis A & B, typhoid, meningitis, and more
  • Travel supplies such as insect repellant, sunscreen, travel-size toiletries, diarrhea medications, and more

We carry a large selection of travel bags including Baggallini bags, several lines of cosmetic bags, including custom-made bags, plastic jars, tubes and sprayers for you to fill with your favorite toiletries.

Our staff includes a certified yellow fever vaccinator and we provide the International Certificate of Vaccination upon administration of the vaccine.

Please call us at (314) 993-4031 for more information or have your physician call us with your prescriptions.

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